In Handicrafts Emporium you can see splendid Bronze Statues, wooden statues, Brass Statues, Icons, Wooden Statues, Statuary of all kinds and spiritual Icons. It is a rich selection of the worlds finest and most diverse statues made of brass, bronze, copper, pewter, resin and stone resins.

Photograph of Handicrafts Emporium Shop's frontview in Goa.Our handicrafts products are made by small traditional home industries, factory and manufacturers, artisans cooperative and crafts producers in many remote villages across Bali, Java and Lombok Indonesia. The purchase of any of these handmade products help the craft makers families in their traditional daily life.

India, the land of rich past is known for its unique culture since ages. It is the land of rich history that echo with tales of antiquity; a land of culture, art and aesthetics in a bewildering variety of moods, forms and manifestations. We, at Handicrafts Emporium follow this unique Indian art and culture and dedicated our efforts to enrich great Indian culture.

At Handicrafts Emporium we have the finest jewellery embedded with both semi precious as well as precious stones. The latest in designs and the fine art o man made to suit the choice of all. We have a very large collection of jewellery in gold, white gold and silver. We proudly say that we are preferred by our guests in Goa for our genuine and certified jewellery.